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Musharaka Partnership Model (MPM)

An award winning partnership model designed and based around Musharaka to empower and enrich the lives of entrepreneurs driving Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

MPM in a nutshell

Musharaka Partnership Model (MPM) is a unique proposal to potential Musharaka Partners (MPs) to tap into the benefits of some industries that are doing well in terms of profitability and growth. MIT Global, plays the role of an Islamic Finance Advisor (IFA) to the Musharaka Partners to introduce those Musharaka Projects that are most promising, secured and profitable.

There are five (5) core categories/industries currently explored in this MPM due to its high returns (ranging from 9.5% – 17.5%). Existing and going concern institutions that are promising are targeted to participate on their specific projects through this MPM where exit option is faster and easier. No invitations for any equity stake or a debt financing propositions considered.

Given the very low market returns on savings & term investment deposits for 1-5 years, (ranging from 1.75% – 3.75% see page 5) this MPM is a very promising opportunity only to those sophisticated Musharaka Partners who understand different risk/return profiles of this MPM are eligible to participate. Please see the complete structure of the Musharaka Partnership Model and feel free to ask any questions or clarifications on any matters before making your decision.

What happens after you sign up?

On a very high-level, this involves three basic steps which we have outlined for you below. Do keep in mind that there are processes, workflows and information gathering sessions built into these so it really isn’t as simple as 1-2-3.


The potential Musharaka Partner, will sign up an Islamic Finance Advisory Services Agreement (IFASA) with MIT Global to participate in projects recommended by the Islamic Finance Advisor (IFA). Those projects to participate are recommended after thorough review, proper due diligence and assured of long term sustainability, growth and profitability.


Followed by signing the IFASA, transfer of funds to the designated bank account recommended & the IFA get acknowledged.


Get access to an online account within 3-4 working days, with User Name and Password to access the Statement of Account online or request for monthly or quarterly via email.

“Marriages are made in heaven; also, in street corners
among street-smart vendors (MSMEs)
and Ethical Investors”
MIT-Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek
‘be humble, be simple & be a community asset’

The Tried & Tested 5P Approach

The core of MSME’rise can be summarised within the five P’s – a quick summary of which is given below:


Assessing the pool of deserving MSMEs


Depending on the scoping and requirements. Positioning them as A-B-C


Signing up to partner to make an impact together.


Capitalizing on technology and digital media to go to market and promote MSMEs


Paying off taking risk by empowering risky businesses

Risk & Exit Options of the MPM

The Musharaka Partner will take the full risk & reward on the Musharaka Projects participated with the help, support and guidance from the Islamic Finance Advisor (IFA), based on the Islamic Finance Advisory Services Agreement (IFASA) and the Musharaka Arrangement with the project owners.

However, the risk will be mitigated to a greater extend due to the strict due diligence and monitoring mechanism adopted by the IFA on projects recommended and participated by the MPs, mainly to protect the MP’s capital first and then to ensure reasonable returns made. MPs are not participating in the company shares, debts or bonds.

The MP can exit at anytime after 3 months lock in period, by giving 3 months notice by email to

The net participation amount including the principal plus any returns will be transferred to MP’s account after 7-10 working days of the notice period ends after exiting from the Musharaka Projects.

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