(v) The empowering of micro, small and medium enterprises in a grass-root level, often leading to explosive economic growth.

Why MSME'rise?

A lot of lip service is present in the global financial market when the talk is about supporting and empowering MSMEs yet there is neither a visible impact nor measurable progress to be seen in anywhere in the world.

Covid-19 was the ideal time to try and test the various mechanisms to truly empower the entrepreneurs and out of the box thinkers to survive the challenging times – yet with no help or lifeline most of them lost their businesses and livelihoods

Financial institutions report profits upon profits, margins are not just met but crushed – and yet MSMEs are suffering and there is no progression to be seen in the economies of a vast majority of developing countries.

Our vision is to change and uplift the world – one business at a time. We want to MSME’rise you – and watch your MSME ventures grow and flourish by ‘touching one soul at a time’

How do we MSME'rise?

Assessing  and profiling the pool of deserving MSMEs.

Depending on the scoping and requirements, the profiled MSMEs will be positioned into A-B-C tiers.

Signing up to partner with the MSMEs make a lasting, positive and meaningful impact together.

Capitalising on the technology and social media to give the desired exposure to the MSMEs.

Once the MSMEs start performing – paying off taking risk by empowering risky business.

Small business is crucial. I think we talk so much about large businesses, they’re well represented; they talk well for themselves. But most people work for small businesses; most wealth that stays in a community gets generated from them.
Chris Gabrieli
  • Gather information about all deserving buddying owners, partners, founders, co-founders of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). To review, cross check, meet, assess, evaluate for Profiling.
  • The Profiling exercise is to segregate, allocate and looking for serious entrepreneurs who have the burning desire to succeed. 


  • Positioning them according to their experiences in their business, number of years being in operation, their pain points, their ask?
  • Match such Profiling Information with the MSME’Rise Positioning strategies based on Age, Family, Area, Background, Recommendation, Amount, Period, Agreed Profit & Loss Sharing ratio, How to get the share of profits on a regular basis and then Capital over a period of time – then release the Owner from any obligation to MSME’Rise.


  • Partnering with them after completing the assessment and ensuring the full process is in place to sign up the Musharaka Partnership Model (MPM) Agreement.
  • Disbursement of funds through the established relationship with Banks. 
  • Confirm and start monitoring the project by an assigned team member.


  • Promoting the project depending on the size of the MSME and one of the Got to Market package of MSME’Rise will be applied accordingly.
  • If need be revamping the existing layout and setup will be undertaken according to the project approved.
  • A Promo Page will be assigned in our website either as a dedicated page or a club of MSMEs with details of their products on offer. 
  • If need be, we can help to sign up with UBER, PICKME and other delivery services.


  • Performing is the final P of the evaluation methodology to assess the success or failure of the project. Consistent monitoring and touching base with the owners of the MSME projects is very important on a daily or weekly basis, to guide them and educate them as to how important for them to succeed. 
  • Performing is to ensure every MSME project succeed, which is a real challenge. However, there will be a stringent process in place to ensure that the recipients of the MSME’Rise Funding,understand the process very clear and adhered to it. 
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly commitment of the profit share must be transferred to the respective bank accounts or collected from one of the team members and then deposited by the close of business or the following day.